Sunday, May 9, 2010

Hillman's Last Stand.

I know I owe you some vaguely optimistic words about the callups of Mike Aviles and Kila Ka’aihue. But that will have to wait. There are times for childish fantasies like gingerbread houses and sugar plums and young Royals with upside, but this is not one of them. This is a time to have a very frank, sober, adult conversation.

Trey Hillman has crossed the point of no return in Kansas City.

Yesterday’s game was an exhibition of managerial malpractice almost unparalleled in the history of the franchise. Hillman could hardly have damaged the Royals’ chances to win the game more if he had tried. It is exceedingly important that every Royals fan understand the extent to which Hillman hurt both his team’s chances of winning last night, and his most well-paid pitcher’s chances of earning his generous contract for well into the future.

Some background is necessary to understand why Hillman was the talk of the baseball twittersphere last night.

Let’s start with the trivial stuff. Yuniesky Betancourt, as you probably know, cost the Royals (and Zack Greinke) a run on Friday night when he nonchalantly dropped a routine pop-up with a man on second and two outs. The photograph of his muff – I believe it was on the front cover of the Star’s sports page – should be the emblem of the Royals season. (It’s picture #11 in this montage.)

It has it all – terrible form (Yuni, as you may have heard, likes to catch pop-ups at chest level, with one hand), terrible vision (as the ball is bouncing off his glove, Yuni is staring up at the sky, possibly distracted by a passing robin, or maybe looking for the North Star), and a kind of nonchalant insouciance that suggests that catching pop-ups is beneath a man of Yuni’s talents.

It was a bad, unforgivably bad, play, and it cost Greinke yet another unearned run.

Afterwards, Hillman said that he would take “action” against Betancourt. The appropriate action should be quite obvious – bench him for the next game. Instead, Betancourt started, while Mike Aviles had his first day off in five games. But don’t worry – Betancourt was fined a few bucks, so Hillman’s point was made. Never mind that Betancourt is making $3 million this season, so a fine of, say, $1000 would be the equivalent of a $20 fine for someone who makes $60,000 a year. That’s not even a slap on the wrist; it’s more like punishing him with a tickle fight.

Naturally, Betancourt rewarded his manager’s confidence by going 0-4 last night, batting with a man on base all four times, and with a man in scoring position three times. And once again, he failed to drive home a runner on third with less than two out. In a game the Royals lost by one run.

While Hillman benched Aviles in favor of Betancourt, he did see fit to give Ka’aihue his first start of the season, moving Billy Butler to DH and giving Jose Guillen the day off. Ka’aihue didn’t have a good day, going 0-for-3, before Hillman pinch-hit for him with Guillen against a left-hander in the 7th. That, by itself, was a perfectly defensible move. But after Guillen made an out to keep the game tied, Hillman decided he had to keep Guillen in the game, setting off a ridiculous sequence of musical chairs.

Guillen stayed in at right field, forcing David DeJesus to left field, forcing Scott Podsednik to center field, forcing Mitch Maier to first base.

Maier had never played first base before in the majors. He had never played first base before in the minors. But Hillman decided that the late innings of a tie game was the perfect time for him to get his first opportunity, not to mention downgrading the defense significantly at two other positions. It didn’t cost the Royals in the end, but it was a curious decision. If Willie Bloomquist isn’t on the roster to keep the Royals from playing three players out of position, then why is he here?

These two moves were just the appetizers to the main course, a sequence of events so baffling that even now I keep hoping that the official scorer in Arlington was strung out on meth and that none of what I’m about to recount ever happened.

Starting for the Royals last night was the artist formerly known as Gil Meche, the artist who, after the Royals criminally allowed him to throw 121 pitches despite a self-acknowledged “dead arm” on July 1st of last year, had allowed 53 earned runs in 54 innings. The same Gil Meche who missed time in spring training with tightness in his shoulder. The same Meche who, coming into the game, had a 9.89 ERA this season and had allowed more walks (18) than strikeouts (14).

The Royals have been in denial that something’s still wrong with Meche all season. After his last start, we get this: “He was almost over the hump,” Hillman said. “If the breaking ball (to Rios) with two strikes doesn’t get through the left side … it’s a lot better line for him.” Meche allowed 9 hits and 5 runs in 5 innings in that start; he walked 3 batters and he struck out 2. That performance can’t be explained away by a couple of groundballs with eyes.

Was Meche still hurting? “The only thing I can go on is what comes out of his mouth and the mannerisms you see when he’s pitching,” Hillman said. “Most of the time you see something different in the mannerisms. I haven't seen anything different.”

It is with this background in mind that Meche took the mound last night, and gutted his way through 7 strong innings. I say “gutted” because he wasn’t dominant, or even in control, by any stretch of the imagination. He walked 5 batters and struck out only 3. In the sixth inning, Vladimir Guerrero led off with a single, but was then thrown out by Maier when he tried to advance to third on Ian Kinsler’s single, allowing Meche to get out of the inning unscathed.

But still, through 7 innings and 104 pitches, Meche allowed just 2 runs in 7 innings. The bullpen was fairly rested, thanks to Greinke – only Kyle Farnsworth had thrown the day before, and just one inning. Furthermore, the team has a day off on Monday. With the top of the Rangers’ lineup due up, there was no reason to push Meche any further – get a fresh arm in there.

Hillman sent Meche to the mound to start the bottom of the eighth. Meche promptly walked Elvis Andrus on five pitches. The heart of the Rangers’ order – Michael Young, Josh Hamilton, Guerrero and Kinsler – was due up. Alarm bells were going off on the mound.

The Rangers regifted the baserunner back to the Royals, as Andrus was thrown out trying to steal with Young at the plate. Meche returns the favor again, walking Young on six pitches. He’s now thrown 115 pitches, and walked the last two batters he’s faced. The alarm bells were now accompanied by red and blue flashing strobe lights. There’s a meeting on the mound. "He just came out and asked how I felt," Meche said. "Basically I said, 'I've been in here this long, let me battle my way out of this.' He just said basically, 'Let's go. The ball four is killing us.'" Hillman leaves Meche in.

Hamilton beats out an infield single on Meche’s second pitch. Meche has now thrown 117 pitches. The last three batters he’s faced have reached base safely. The go-ahead run is on second base with one out. A speaker pops out of the pitching rubber and a muffled voice states, “Please pull over into the visitor’s dugout.”

Meche stays in to pitch to future Hall of Famer Vladimir Guerrero. On the third pitch, Guerrero nails a ball to deep center field, which Podsednik runs down as Young cruises into third base. 120 pitches.

Meche pitches to Kinsler. Kinsler works the count to 2-2, fouls off a pair of two-strike pitches, and Meche hangs a curveball. Kinsler bangs it to right field to plate the go-ahead run. 127 pitches.

At this point, sure, why the hell not leave Meche in? We’ve already reached the point of absurdity – what’s one more batter going to do? David Murphy mercifully flies out on the first pitch. Neftali Feliz and his 100 mph fastball come in to pitch the 9th, and despite a pinch single from Aviles, Feliz puts the game away.

So to recap: Gil Meche, who started complaining of a tired arm after throwing 132 pitches in a complete game last June, and who has been consistently awful since throwing 121 pitches with a dead arm last July, and who wasn’t pitching well so much as pitching lucky on this night, was allowed to throw 128 pitches – the longest outing by any major league pitcher this season – on Saturday night. He was left in to complete the 8th inning, despite a fresh bullpen, and despite the fact that he allowed the first three batters to reach base safely.

Oh, yeah - and as a result, Meche surrenders the game-winning run.

Does anyone remember what happened in that game on July 1st? Because Hillman clearly doesn’t. Meche started the 6th inning that day, in a game tied 2-2, having thrown 99 pitches. He allowed the leadoff hitter to reach base. With two outs, he then allowed a walk, putting men on first and second with two outs. Hillman left him in to pitch – TO JOE MAUER – and Mauer hit the go-ahead single. Meche has never been the same since.

Last night, facing a virtually identical situation, Hillman made the exact same decisions. It’s as if the game of July 1st never happened. It’s as if I and Joe Posnanski and a hundred other bloggers – Royals fans and non-Royals fans – hadn’t immediately declared Hillman’s decision to be one of the dumbest moves of the season. It’s as if we weren’t immediately proven correct when Meche’s season went into the tank. It’s as if Meche didn’t miss the entire month of September. It’s as if those who do not learn from history are not actually doomed to repeat it.

But they are. Ten months ago, Trey Hillman made perhaps the worst decision of his managerial career, and ruined – perhaps irrevocably – his second-best starting pitcher. Yesterday, faced with the same choice, he made the exact same decision. There can be no stronger evidence that Hillman hasn’t learned a thing on the job.

The old me would now proceed with a few thousand words filled with choice insults and all but demanding that when the Royals return home today, that Hillman be left behind in Arlington along with his retired number. The new me is trying to be a little less emotional and a little more analytical. So I’m not going to insist that the Royals fire Hillman on the spot.

I’m not going to argue that Hillman should be fired. I’m just going to predict that he will be. Probably soon.

It doesn’t take an archaeologist to read the writing on the wall of this cave. Hillman’s contract expires at the end of the season; he was conspicuously not given a contract extension over the winter, cementing his lame-duck status. The Royals are 11-20 and fading fast. As Royals fans we’ve become inured to losing, but it’s worth pointing out that the Indians, who inspired this classic media meltdown the other day, actually have a better record than the Royals.

And trust me: David Glass is getting pissed. Most fans still have this image of Glass as this soulless, bean-counting owner who cares about the accounting ledgers more than the standings. But I stand by what I’ve written since Dayton Moore was hired: David Glass has been a model owner for the last four years. He hired the man who was considered the #1 GM prospect in the game by Baseball America, he’s let Moore run the team without interference, and he has opened his wallet when Moore asked him to.

The team’s payroll may still be low, but it’s no longer among the lowest in the game, and the Royals have spent more money in the draft over the last two years than any team but the Pirates. And part of the reason the payroll is so low is that the Royals simply didn’t have any players worth spending millions of dollars on. Since Moore took over, the Royals haven’t lost a single player to free agency that they wanted to keep. Instead, they’ve signed a pair high-profile free agents from other teams (Meche and Guillen), and several more mid-range free agents like Kyle Farnsworth, Juan Cruz, Willie Bloomquist, and Horacio Ramirez.

The money spent on those players has almost uniformly been wasted – but that’s just it. It’s Moore’s fault for spending the money – not Glass’s fault for not spending the money.

And I have it on good authority that Glass is getting pissed off. It wouldn’t surprise me if the decision to release Juan Cruz outright was a reflection of that (although it might also have something to do with the fact that Cruz, in addition to pitching terribly, was a gigantic pain in the ass.) But Glass is starting to realize that his front office isn’t wearing any clothes, and I expect that pretty soon Moore will have to make a more substantial sacrificial offering.

Since the Royals’ magical, mystical 18-11 start last season, they have now played 164 games – a full season plus two more games. They’re 58-106 in that span. That’s astonishing. In 2005, the year before Moore was hired, the Royals reached the absolute nadir of their existence by going 56-106. Five years later, despite a payroll more than 50% higher, despite millions being invested in the farm system, the Royals are exactly as bad now as they were then.

And they show no signs of getting better. On the contrary, as Posnanski wrote on Friday, they show all the signs of a team about to fall into the abyss. He wrote that the day before Hillman launched his second sneak attack on Gil Meche’s shoulder.

I didn’t expect much from the Royals this season, and I suspect most of you didn’t either, but so far the Royals are failing to meet even my meager expectations. It’s been clear for a long time that Hillman wasn’t part of the solution, but now we have overwhelming evidence that he’s a part of the problem.

The Royals have 21 games left in May as I write this. If they play under .500 in that span – say, 9-12 or worse – they’ll be 20-32 or worse after Memorial Day, and the Hillman Watch will begin in earnest. I put the odds that he gets cashiered before Flag Day at about 30%; the odds that he’s gone by the trading deadline have to be around 70%. And the odds that he returns next year? Jose Guillen has a better chance of coming back.

Sayonara, Trey. I had high hopes for you when you were hired, so believe me when I say I’m sorry it didn’t work out. But they didn’t. It’s in the best interests of everyone for you to move on.

Especially Gil Meche.


Adam said...

If you're not a part of the solution, you're part of the precipitate.

Mike said...

So, who is next in line? It seems like John Gibbons would be the obvious, and easy, move at this point. Dayton Moore could slap the "interim manager" tag on him, and evaluate how well things are handled the rest of the season.

The other obvious move, and one that would be very popular among many Royals fans, is to move Frank White out of the television booth and back into the dugout. He's had a bird's eye view of these players for the past couple years, and he has managed several of them while with the Wranglers.

I'd be okay with either of those moves, and I'd be surprised if it's someone from outside the organization, given the timing and all. I like Trey Hillman. He seems like a nice guy and all. But you're correct about his time with the Royals coming to an end. Things just haven't worked, and it's time for a breath of fresh air.

Marc Foster said...

I was at the game last night. Meche threw 27 pitches in the first inning with no control, and was lucky to get out of the inning with just a run allowed. He allowed another in the second with 17 pitches. Four walks in two innings and Rangers taking second at will vs. Kendall, and I figure we're in for a long night. Meche did settle down and get his ball-strike ratio out of the red over the next few innings, and actually had some help from his defense on a couple of plays... but I was dumbstruck that he came out to pitch in the 8th after 104 pitches.

Did Hillman want to give Meche an opportunity for the win? Was he afraid to go to Soria after Thursday night's performance (a move I liked at the time, just didn't work). I don't know, but I knew the game was over the minute we started the bottom of the 8th.

Maybe Hillman knew he screwed up when he came out to argue with Larry Vanover after Kinsler's RBI. I was out in center field so I never found out what that was about.

Anonymous said...

Nice. I love how you this post came around in the end to focus on Hillman. I agree, looking at it more analytically is a good idea, b/c it is so easy to get so flipping mad at Hillman. Just looking at that smug Texas look on his face with him rubbing his beard or some shit makes me so mad.

But you're right, the Hillman is era is dwindling, and that is good.


CL_on_the_DL said...

I was livid when I saw the lineup and Betancourt was in. After audio clips where he specifically said the dropped popup was "unacceptable" I figured Aviles would man the position for at least 3 games.

As soon as Guillen PH for Kila, my first thought was, "that means Bloomquist is going to have to come in and play 1st." But no, Trey had me snookered. Leave it to Hillman to successfully weaken the defense at 3 positions with a single substitution.

And then he sent Meche out for the 8th...with 104 pitches on the odometer. What is there to say?

Trey is the living, breathing, embodiment of "The Peter Principle." He has advanced to the position that he is unqualified for. Please, put us out of his misery (not a typo).

Anonymous said...

The topping on the cake is the Hamilton situation in today's game.

Who is supposed to notice that?

The dugout!!!!

How many coaches are in the dugout and noone caught that?


Anonymous said...

If Dayton Moore ins't shown the door with Trey, then it means nothing... Hillman is not great, but Moore is far and away the worst GM in all of baseball... The Process sucks

Rick said...

I think Trey Hillman decided that he was going to PROVE that there is nothing with Gil Meche's arm. That's why he left him in there for the whole game.

Trey Hillman and Dayton Moore are idiots. This team will stay in the toilet until they are both gone.

Unknown Royals Fan said...

It's time to accept that Trey Hillman isn't a smart man, and may in fact be functionally retarded. Smart people - or even ones of average intelligence - can learn from their mistakes. Only those with severe mental disabilities will unerringly repeat the same mistakes over and over and expect different results.

Anonymous said...

I agree with the earlier post that Frank White should be in the dugout. If George Brett had this team under his wing, I guarantee the outcome would be different!

Eli said...

His firing may be imminent, but Hillman might be ready to go anyway. Check my blog on the Royals over the weekend and Hillman's (likely) last days with the Royals as manager HERE.

Great blog by the way.

John McGraw said...

Hillman was supposed to be a motivator; a guy who could win, turn teams around, defense, fundamentals, and genuine hard play. A disciplined guy from winning programs. (Yankees, The Ham Fighters, a Texas stud)

I was angry when he was hired, because the Royals- for whatever reason, belive in a crusade of amatuers when it comes to hiring managers. Time and time and time and time again the Royals hire Mgrs. to sit in their dugout that have not won at the major league level!

It's really unbelievable when you think about it; just off the top of my head: Buddy Bell: How many 100 loss seasons did he bring in with him? Tony Muser- no exp. Tony Pena (a fine, fine player and a true believer) He had his moment in the sun in '03 when he had a little talent and the "Basesball gods shined on the Durham Bulls.. err... KC Royals for 5 glorious months, when we played like big leaguers" Every slieght of hand; every magic trick worked; until the fact that he had no pitching and wasn't much of a Mgr. caught up to him.

We had Hal McRae; who had no experience; but had the best run of any KC skipper of the last 16-17yrs: A 14 game winning streak in 1994. So they traded his players away and ran Hal of town a bitter taste of vodka on his lips (A true blue Royal-He was hell on his pitchers- but got great seasons out of veterans past their day.)

Before Hal, it was Duke Wathan; No experience, unorthodox, but hell! He won 90 games in '89 finishing second behind the Bash Brothers.

Those three were the exception, but when they showed a little success they were shown the door. (Only Wathan ever managed again and he was a disaster for the Angels)
Before Muser was hired, Buck Showalter, who virtually set up the Torre Yankees, lobbied for the job. Buck may come off as a jerk but, he was a winner who wanted the position!

They shafted Frank White, Bucky Dent, and Jamie Quirk, inexperienced guys, but name guys.

Kansas City GM's fell in love with the idea of the no-name Mgr; the baseball lifer. Yet,they didn't give John Mizerock serious consideration after he filled in with some(limited) successs after Muser.

Herk Robinson and Allard and now Dayton have all followed this 'mandate' and as the years and losses have mounted, like the need to overpay free agents just to get them to come here, the same became true of Mgrs: Who would want to work for this organization?

Hillman's arrogance, double talk and lack of understanding (forget stats and sabermetrics) this guy doesn't even play the same game as the rest of the American League! Hell! I don't know what game he is managing, what game he played and allegedly won at, because it sure as hell isn't baseball!

Baseball guy? Leadership? That dipstick should work at f-ing Sears! He needs to go: and since we're 2-3-5-8 years away, we need a splash hire; a real baseball guy with a pedigree for winning, a giant ego, a need to push players because they need to be pushed, to coddle when they need to be coddled.

Those guys exsist...I'm not interested in a guy who might be the next Tom Kelley. I want a Mgr that I can love and hate.

I submit: Bobby Vallentine, or Pete Rose, or even Showalter ten years too late. Larry Bowa. We need the ghost of Billy Martin out there.

We need a Mgr who will challenge Moore when he signs a right fielder to play center, an old CF to play left, or anyone who signs/pays/ plays Yuni, etc, etc.

Someone outrageous like Sparky, or Lou. I'm aware of the Pete Rose thing; the gambling the ban, but that would be a great way for this laughingstock franchise to make some waves. Call him in for an interview. Challenge the ban. Hell, baseball might let Petie back in the game just to watch him flail about in the city of fountains-I'm joking about Charlie Hustle-I never even liked him much (but he was a winner)that said I'd lay a bet that Rose would get some guys in here that would win.

Kansas City Christians said...

I disagree. What Hillman is doing is just testing the faith of David Glass. Nothing will happen. They'll all go to church together. They'll have an extra hour of church before the next game and pray real hard for a win. Meanwhile players like Mike Aviles who probably don't fit into the "Jesus" philosophy of Hillman and Glass will sit the bench. We all gave 500 million to pay for a new stadium where Glass et all can now become the missionaries of Kansas City. We will all be saved before Hillman is fired.

Anonymous said...

I like Hillman, I really do. I want to like Hillman, I really do. I rationalize, I really do. But, then I read and really don't.

Over the years I've seen the Royals play an excellent defensive game from time to time. Not this year, they look just terble.

What would be Vegas odds after bringing up a first baseman from Omaha giving us actually three if you include the spork of having Mitch M. who never played first manning first sack in a close game?

Wife: Does Mitch play first?

Anonymous: He was a catcher in college and touches first base when he gets a hit, close enough.

Wife: They will have him at second at next years spring training.

28 years and counting said...

Today would be the perfect day to announce a regime change in KC: off-day, sweep in Texas, multiple bone-head moves, 10 games under. Dayton could totally redeem himself today. It's clear that no manager could do worse.

Did anyone notice how EVERYONE from Texas was stealing bases? It may not matter that Kendall blocks the ball well, they all get to 2B one way or another.

Kansas City said...

I find Hillman very irritating most of the time on a personal basis. He seems very smug and confident, answering questions with jargon that sounds okay but does not really make sense. Anyone notice how he hardly moves his lips when he talks? I know, pretty superficial stuff, but he has had two plus years, his decisions are questionable, and he really has not developed any players under his watch.

His action in leaving in Meche was inexplicable. But I will say this for him - he looked extremely confident on the bench as the disaster was unfolding.

I like Frank White, but does anyone listen to him on the telecast? He does not have the 2010 analytical ability to be a good manager. He still talks about batting average with men in scoring position as the vital analytical assessment of players.

So yes, it is time to replace Hillman. But managers are not of great significance. I would like to see someone with some experience, so we at least avoid the mistakes inevitable with a rookie manager.

Someday, when the Royals are about to become good, they should bring back Brett as manager and it will be great for the city and the team. Now is not that time.

Keith said...

My displeasuer with SabrTrey DustyHillman(STDH) grows by the day. In a perfect world I would like to see them hire Showalter, he would instill attention to detail, and a winning attitude in addition to knowing how to put his players in the best position for them to succeed. Unfortunately, I think Ned Yost has already been determined to succeed STDH and I am not excited about that.

Kansas City said...

I don't want to pile on, but isn't there a questiona about whether Guillen should have caught Kinsler's liner on Saturday? Or more accurately, whether DeJesus would have caught it?

I find judging the whether outfielders should have gotten to balls one of the hardest assessments to make. Sometimes, the TV will give you a look at how quickly the outfielder breaks on a ball (mostly centerfield), but otherwise, you often are left to looking at how close the outfielder gets to a ball, which really does not tell you very much about whether he should have gotten to the ball.

The same issue applies to "great" catches. Mair is growing on me, but his great catch on Saturday was the result of him first breking back on the ball. He did make a quick and terrific throw to nail Vladdy at third base later in the game.

Unknown said...

i was at the game on Friday and sat., and I can't believe Hillman didn't get tossed. I've seen the Scoscia's, Oz Guillen, and Gardenhire's all get tossed to make a point: get pissed, even if it doesn't immediately help the situation, because if you're mad enough to get tossed, you at least care. Show every coach, player, and bat boy that their job is on the line.....put up or shut up time.

Carl Willingham said...

This team needs a guy like Showalter, but we will get a guy like Gibbons or Yost, who were both disasters at previous stops and Yost was even worse than Hillman at running a pen. Moore has no interest in having anyone besides a yes man running his team. As I say every month, until the Royals hire management and a manager that goes against baseball tradition (and risk the subsequent wrath of "old school" broadcasters and players when said strategies don't work) they are doomed to fail. The next Royals manager either needs to be an old school disciplinarian (Showalter) teamed with a GM that has great talent evaluation skills (Logan White). I don't have a huge problem with Moore's strategy, but his eye for talent has been sorely lacking. If you are interested in Anduw Jones before he signed his big contract with the Dodgers, why would you not be interested in him when he comes available for close to veteran minimum money? If you are such a great scout find Podsednik when he is a minor league free agent instead of having to see him suceed and then giving him twice the money. The fundamental thing is that players skill sets don't change that much, the Royals seem to point to a skill set when evaluating players they don't like (Kila's "slider bat speed" for example) while using stats to justify not signing players who might help and still own skills (Branyan, Jones, Podsednik (last year). Perhaps most galling is not only paying Ankiel 3 million but then having to assure him he could play center. Letting a player tell you where he will play is setting quite a bad precedence. Lastly, I loved Frank White as a player but I second the post stating that he will bring nothing to the table as far as statistical analysis, he thinks like a old baseball player including believing things like "clutch" is a real skill. It may well be but waiting for mediocre ballplayers to get the chance to be "clutch" is a good way to lose 7-1 most nights.

kcghost said...

Whether you dump TreyBall or keep him we still have this same suck assemblage of ballplayers put together by a man who cannot evaluate major league talent.

And there is no help on the farm that can be here anytime soon. Crow is just stinking up AA. Moustakis is absolutely raking at AA but he is two years away from being a viable major leaguer. Hosmer is destroying High A ball pitching, but he's at least two years away. Montgomery, who was just promoted to AA, has dominated A ball hitters and is off to a fine start at AA, but probably won't be ready until 2012 either.

So we are stuck with GMDM trying to cobble together a team when he has shown no ability to do so.

Oh, sooner or later GMDM will throw Hillman under the bus. Probably by the ASG.

Kansas City said...

Kcghost is right with one modification. You have to get guys like Kia, Maiers, Avilles, Pena and anyone else who might be ready in the line up as quick and as often as possible. I'm not saying rush Moustakis or Montgomery or anyone else, but if a guy has had enough minor league seasoning, let's get them up and in the line up. This team is no good with the veterans. Cobbling together a bad veteran team is absurd.

Mike said...

I'm so far beyond fed up with Hillman and his nonsensical moves. His treatment of Meche over the last year has been criminal. How do you let a guy with a dead arm pitch that long? Then he pretty much blames Gil for it. Not firing Hillman is hurting the team. His lunacy is starting to do long term damage.

The Royals need fresh blood at manager. No Frank White, no George Brett, no Braves retread. I feel like we need someone who will light a fire under this team.

ratwater said...

I posted a link to this on several of the Royals Facebook updates yesterday. Today all of my posts have been deleted and they have banned me from posting to their page. Evidently, the guys out at the K are not a big fan of your writing, Rany. Nice work!

Anonymous said...

Rany--the Royals are cursed.

We need to gather together a group of exorcists, witch doctors, medicine men, swamis, head shrinkers, psychics, massage therapists, wise men, priests and proctologists. We then bring them together with the Royals players at the K for a giant cleansing. We fill the place with fans. Then we wipe the place clean of whatever evil has taken it over.

This is all that is left to try.

Anonymous said...

"Anonymous said...

If Dayton Moore ins't shown the door with Trey, then it means nothing... Hillman is not great, but Moore is far and away the worst GM in all of baseball... The Process sucks"

It's ignorant posts like this that rally piss me off. Although it may not seem like Moore has done much good, he has done a great job at the minor leagues. He took a bottom 5 farm system and turned it into a top 5. THAT is what he said must be done when he was hired. But, too many ignorant fans didn't hear, or don't remember

Kansas City said...


Is seems to me that Moore should be expected to make sound decisions with respect to both the big league team and the minor league system. So far, too many mistakes on the big league team.

And, even if we accept your rosy assessment of the minor league system, there have not yet been any advancements to the big league club and, ultimately, that is the measure of success. I'm fine with waiting two more years, but by that time there needs to be several Moore era farm system guys contibuting at the big leave level.

Gil Meche said...

Trey Hillman should be hung, drawn and quartered! Firing is WAY too good for him!

Anonymous said...

John McGraw: It's not true that Wathan is the only one of the 3 managers you mentioned who managed again. Hal McRae managed the Devil Rays after his stint with the Royals.

Already pissed off Royals fan said...

David Glass is getting pissed. LMAO. I don't believe it, not for one minute. How long has he owned this team? And now he wants to take a interest??? Plus all those years on the board that ran the organization into the ground. Now all the sudden he is getting mad, where the hell has he been? Sell the team Mr. Glass, we have the lease to protect anyone from moving them, even Glass himself. I bet if he could he would move the team to Little Rock and he would probably care a lot more then.

Anonymous said...

If David Glass is really that pissed, then he needs to fire Hillman immediately, then call Davey Johnson and hand him a blank contract to manage the Royals. I know he's getting up there in age and he's given mixed signals about his interest in managing again, but he sure did it at the WBC last year. He's won everywhere he's gone, including being the only man to win with the Orioles since Weaver re-retired. And he for sure knows enough about baseball that he knows you ain't winning anything with three or four guys in the lineup who can't post an OBP of .300! He knew that in the 1980s, and that's how he turned the Mets around, and why he kept winning after that.

Give him the contract and tell him to fill in the number he wants.

Anonymous said...

I hope Dayton Moore doesn't really believe this.

Eli said...

I forgot to mention in my comment yesterday...

I'm not buying the whole "David Glass is a model owner" theory. I don't see it. The Royals have raised their payroll, but I'd like to see the numbers when related to how much of the Royals profit is being used to improve the team. I'm sure it'd be a more telling statistic.
And didn't Moore tell the media he had to cut payroll this year? If not, why trade Teahen, whose salary was going to jump up to a total the Royals were reluctant to give pay him, for ANOTHER below average third baseman (who's out for the year) and a defensive second baseman who can't get in the lineup? Glass profited last year, and demanded a payroll cut.

As far as I'm concerned, we have all three of Glass, Moore, and Hillman to blame for the Royals having regressed in their two and a half years together, but it most definitely starts with Glass.

Read The KC Eye's blog here.

Anonymous said...

So here's my take. Hillman has to go. I was through with Hillman at last years home opener. Enough said, we know that he cannot manage a baseball team.
Moore has made numerous bone headed decisions. We trade JP Howell and Leo Nuniz, and for who? Nobody who is on our roster now. Jorge De Larosa for Shealy, and where is Shealy? Where is De La Rosa, still with the Rockies. Trading to trade makes no since to me, wnd we trade a player who has a large upside and low salary and try to replace him through free agency. This is not a long term plan.
Yes our farm system has grown and become better, but we haven't seen any of this talent in KC. And by no means is our farm system a top 5. Hillman + Moore= Moore losing.

Anonymous said...

Absolutely on target. What was overlooked is that the go-ahead run against Meche was a single to RIGHT, that landed just in front of JOSE GUILLEN!!! Why in the hell was he in the outfield in a late-inning tie game situation? Why wasn't Willie Bloomquist out there instead? Defense is critical in games like this. Hillman has to go. Until he's gone, I'm not taking any more. I'd rather watch the T-Bones than watch Hillman manage this team. He is not competent for the job.

kevin said...

That Cleveland media meltdown is awesome. Recommended viewing. I wish Denny would do that.

John McGraw said...

Cham Keller, point taken about Hal... However, he never wanted to be a full time manager again after the KC experience. In addition, I was writing from anger and the heart, I did not run down facts.
Frank W. should not manage after Trey… nobody wants to see #20 lose #200.

" if David Glass is really that pissed, then he needs to fire Hillman immediately, then call Davey Johnson and hand him a blank contract to manage the Royals... . He's won everywhere he's gone, including being the only man to win with the Orioles since Weaver re-retired".

Davey J should/must be in the discussion;
I understand the sentiment to lose DM, I also think manager decisions usually balance out over a162 game season. I said USUALLY:
The leadership of T.H. (his initials are a diphthong) is not likable, not nice, and not personable. His outdated philosophy looks like a good way to win the 1976 pennant-(Stole that from someone)
Moore's approach on the minor league level has some consistency. This is why at the Major league level -He needs a guy who will fight him... A guy to challenge the moves... not a yes man...When Ankiel pushed DM, the diphthong agreed he should have A washed out pitcher in Center? Real winners fight when needed. The GM, isn’t always right, and smart leaders want to be challenged- Smart MLB mgrs. challenge-(not just in private meetings)- when Robert K(C)raft ordered Bill Parcells to draft a WR in the first round the Tuna fought privately w/ his boss…lost …then let us all know about it through the media.
This ball club has no hope, except for DM; regarded as the best GM not a General manager in MLB when Hired. He is fired up... but someone needs to be responsible; a Mgr. that is not afraid to challenge him, and brave enough to challenge his players. If you have the job; and you are (due to the absence of all-star players) the face of the franchise-the guy who is going to get sacked first; then you have to be a face- Hal McRae-in his office w/ Vodka; yelling at reporters about the suckiness of his club
The Mgr. can and should be the public voice- I see people recognizing Showalter and Johnson.
Nobody has commented on Pete Rose... it's like DC politics-
Just call him in for an interview-who comes out when that happens? And the exposure? - -that is what I would recommend to Mr. Moore if I were I his Chief of Staff-- (-Bob McClure is retainable. Kevin Seitzer should get the courtesy of a call.)

When Ned Yost is hired to replace the diphthong, we will rest easy knowing in three years (280 losses later) that; Jamie Q will finally get a shot.
Wanted: unemployed baseball Mgr.-must be fearless; have a cult of personality; relation with the media, and principled to a fault... These candidates; must not fear their boss: must contest him--for the simple fact that they can. Once again my guys :(expanded) Buck Showalter; Bobby Valentine; Davey Johnson; Mike Hargrove; Billy Martin (dead.. still better than T.H. (even six feet under) Hargrove Dean Smith (retired UNC Men's BB coach-Kansas Alum) losers the in need, going to the one guy they can' talk;
and PETE ROSE-yes not possible; but wouldn't great to be that team losers the in need, going to the one guy theyto whom they can't talk; it Sure it sounds; desperate; futile; Bush League; Somehow familiar…yet, unusual as well.
May 11, 2010 12:

Anonymous said...

"It didn’t cost the Royals in the end, but it was a curious decision."

A couple people have made reference to the fact that the ball dropping in front of Guillen should have been caught by any other outfielder on the team. While that is only speculative, it seemed awfully correct. While DeJesus, Maier, or Bloomquist would have made the play is only probable, Guillen was the only Royal with NO shot. Thank you, Hillman. I say your bizzaro decision WAS the game coster.

I was joking with a friend that if the Royals want younger blood in the rotation, they can just re-injure Meche with another 120+ outing. I did that before this start. Apparently, I should no longer joke about the impossible--because no dumb moves are out of bounds for this team.

Anonymous said...


I love the blog, but I worry about how much you still care about the Royals. We all get broken eventually (for me, it was the Dye/Perez trade, incidentally)... I don't have access to the insider info you do, but from my vantage point, the Royals _are_ stupid enough to keep Hillman around for a long time to come. I hope your analysis is right, but just in case it's not, I hope your expectations are suitably modest.

Clint said...

I want to punch Trey Hillman.

Bannister19 said...

Finally, Finally, Finally an article written about the Royals which doesn't 100% bash every single move made by Dayton and everything else.

There are intelligent people still around!

It seems that FanGraphs & the Jeff Passan crowd need to re-name themselves as the Anti-Dayton Moore Group.

Anonymous said...

The God squad of Seitzer, Hillman and whoever are on their way out.
Time to stop and praying and play ball.

Anonymous said...

Maybe you forget how BAD the options are in the bullpen outside of Soria!

Anonymous said...

I love your blog. So much useful information. Thank you very very much.

Kansas City said...

Hillman lost me a long time ago. I was always bothered by how he answered questions, but could not quite understand why. In reading the papers the last couple days and the comments on Mellinger's Hillman's Failing column, it finally dawned on me.

He frequency answers questions with jargon and or giberish, but does so with an arrogance and complete confidence - he just spouts the firt thing that pops into his mind and, in life, he apparetly has succeeded by combining jargon with confidence. (He similarly had the look of supreme confidenceint he dugout as he let Meche throw 128 pitches and lose the game)

Look at the paper today. When asked about Butler's 10 GIDP'S he answered "It's just contact point on the ball" "when he's squaring it up, but he's hitting the the top half instead of the bottom half" "it's just a contact position with the barrell of the ball."

What gibberish. Who tries to hit the bottom half of the ball? Who can even do that? I swear Duttom must be those quotes in the paper to try to show everyone that Hillman is clueless. Butler is hitting 333. Unfortunately, he is slow and hits the ball on the ground a lot, so he is going to hit into double plays.

Read more:

Then on Monday, more inane quotes by Hillman in the context of trying to explain one of the worst examples ever of a bad manager -- neither he nor one of his coaches or 25 players notices that Hamilton did not bother to tag up before going to second base. It cost the Royals two runs in a two run loss.
Quote 1: "Quite honestly, you hope that somebody picks it up on the field."
Quote 2: "More often than not, you pick it up from the dugout."
Which is it?

The worst parts of the Hamilton deal are his team is so disengaged they did not notice and, after the error, he did not rip the team a new one about paying attention to the game. He should have been embarassed about himself and incensed about his team. Instead, he says, "That's a bad one to miss."

The weekend should have gotten him fired. Instead, Moore said he is doing a "terrific job."

Read more:

Kansas City said...


For Denny Matthews to go on a tirade about how bad the Royals are, he would need to care. He has not cared for about 15 years. It comes thruogh in every broadcast.

I realize he is basically all KC has known as a radio broadcaster, but he is awful. He drains the excitement and fun right out of a game. Lately, he even is behind the action at the end of close games. He is saying nothing (or nothing important) and you hear the crack of the bat and he needs to catch up to what is happening.


Eli said...

Bring back Hal McRae. Or hell, let Brian manage.

-The KC Eye

Anonymous said...

Another vote for Hal his passion and he stressed defense. Give the other team only 3 outs per inning. Keep runs off the board and score a few. Kauffman is a pitcher's park. Play defense.

Trade DeJesus for the best catcher prospect available.

Free Kila. Send Guillen away now...bad in the game; worse in the clubhouse.

Wabbitkiller said...

Hillman needs to go, that's for sure. Anyone that makes THREE positions worse defensively and puts MITCH MAIER at first base needs to be fired.

That being said, Dayton Mooreon needs to go too. The fact that he has assembled a team that can't hit OR field is truly remarkable. It really makes me think that Dayton is trying to make the Royals suck on purpose. Firing Hillman would be a good start, but nothing will truly change unless Moore is givin the boot as well.

Hemlock Guy said...

You knew it was coming...


ghb5 said...

I've been a Royals fan my entire life (30+ years). I remember the good times and have put up with a lot of crap. This season, though, I have reached a breaking point. I cannot take any more of this ineptitude being passed off as baseball.
I'd like to assemble a group of like-minded fans to buy a block of Hy-Vee seats to a Saturday game and wear bags on our heads in protest of the teams' leadership. Who's with me in this?

Anonymous said...

there are soooooooo many issues with this organization and someone wants to hate on an honest to goodness hall of fame announcer of 30+ years?????

Anonymous said...

If you are going to say Hillman has ruined Meche could you do an analysis if it has not already been done. My dad & people of his age always talk about the four pitcher rotations and the lack of closers. What is the average number of inning pitched of a pitcher who started at least 20 games during 1960-1970 seasons? Of those same pitchers what is their average pitch count?
Now I would like to know what are the same stats for pitchers during the 1990-2000 seasons. And finally here is my curveball what is the average number of seasons in a career of the pitchers of these two different eras. This is why I used the 1990-2000 seasons. My point is this. If the average number of seasons in a career for this pitcher sample is the same then it is not the managers ruining the pitchers but the pitching coaches and trainers. I remember reading something on the Atl Braves where Tom Glavine & Greg Maddux did not follow the Braves prescribed off day workout regimen. Human physiology that has evolved over thousands of years does not change over one generation. Maybe this has been done already but if you could illuminate on this idea I would appreciate any light shed on this subject.

Anonymous said...

I'm with you! Denny is the only good thing about this team other than Butler and Greinke (and Soria when he's his usual self).

Anyone that bashes Denny Matthews should have to turn in their fan card immediately. Ridiculous.

Anonymous said...

The team is cursed. Watch them play. It's the only explanation.

Kansas City said...

Sorry guys, Matthews is a good guy and knowledgable baseball man, who is an awful announcer. He actually is pretty good interviewing people and just talking baseball away from a broadcast, but he kills a play by play broadcast. I think the problem is that most KC fans have never had the chance to listen to a first rate radio announcer.

Ever listen to sports radio when they play clips from exciting games around the league? Ever hear Matthews?

Can you give me one memorable call by Matthews over the last 40 years?

Can you give me one memorable phrase used by Matthews?

Can you give me any justification for a radio announcer staying silent after a big play and just letting the listener hear crowd noise?

By coincidence, I heard Petro on the radio this morning criticizing the Royals radio broadcasts, although not citing Matthews by name.

I realize judging radio announcers is subjective, but listen to the end of the next close Royals game and then tell me you think Matthews is a good announcer.

Roy in Omaha said...

Denny Mathews is a member of the Baseball Hall of Fame.

'nuff said.


Wabbitkiller said...

Kansas City, Matthews wouldn't be in the HOF if he SUCKED. You might try pulling your ignorant head out of your ass to consider that for a moment...

Kansas City said...

Boys, I realize that judging baseball announcers is a subjective matter. Matthews has a great voice and has been around almost 40 years. Whether he is any good as a broadcaster depends on what you want from the broadcaster. I'd prefer someone who brought a little joy and enthusiasm to the job. Two points:

1. You have not answered any of my questions. For example, give me a memorable call or phrase used by Denny? Also, give me something you enjoy about his syle.

2. Denny is not "in the hall of fame." He received the annual award given by the HOF to a broadcaster, which of course is very nice recognition and a significant achievement, but it does not mean he is in the hall of fame - lots of people make the same mistake. Also, you announce for a team for 40 and you likely get that award.

SagehenMcGyver47 said...

@ Bannister19,
Maybe Moore should rename himself "anti-Fangraphs manager"

kc_native said...

Sorry guys, but I agree with KC. I have never liked Mathew's style, and much preferred to hear Fred White's innings all those years when I was a kid in the 70s listening to just about every game. Denny is no doubt an extremely bright baseball mind, but his delivery could put a meth addict to sleep. I'd much rather hear some passion and homerism in a broadcast. Mitch Holtus is a perfect example of the type of passionate game caller that I prefer.

In the end, I guess it all comes down to preference, and not who's right or wrong.

John said...

Actually, recipients of the Ford C. Frick Award (the broadcasters' award won by Mathews) are indeed in the Hall of Fame. There is an exhibit on the first floor of the Hall that enshrines all of the winners of this award and the Spink Award, for writers.

These men are not members of the Hall of Fame in the way that the players and executives chosen are, but they are in there and are honored there.

Kansas City said...

John. You are right on your facts, except probably for the word "enshrines." But "in the hall of fame" carries a different connotation than what you describe, which if I recall correctly, is basically a list of the winners of the award with perhaps some singling out of the really great ones.

KC Native. Agree with you that it is a matter of preference. But in terms of making listening to a ball game fun and exciting, I find it hard to imagine what folks would say in favor of Denny. In my opinion, the best radio announcers are those who sound like a knowledgeable home town fan enjoying the ball game with friends, and conveing that they fell lucky to be there decribing it for the fans. But I was fortunate enough to grow up listening toe Mel Allen, Phil Rizzuto, Harry Caray and Jack Buck.

I agree White was a much better broadcaster. It is unbelievable to even imagine now, but back in the 80's and 90's Matthews used to turn his mic off when White broadcasted. I have it on very good authority that they used to feud, which was why they had zero chemistry with one another on the broadcasts.

I don't think Denny was ever my kind of announcer, but I think for the last 15 years he has been bored. Every time he complains about the length of a game it drives me crazy. The guys I used to listen to would relish (or at least pretend to relish) a long game.

I don't want to disrespect fans who like Matthews, but I think it is telling that the pro-Matthews guys on this post have not identified any memorable calls or phrases, or otherwise explained why they think Denny is a good announcer. I assume he finally is on the way out and at least they have cut back his schedule.

I also don't to disrespect Denny. I played golf with him once and he seemed like a nice, thought somewhat strange and even introverted guy.

Roy in Omaha said...

Bill James devoted a large segment in his Royals team commentary of a mid '80's edition of Baseball Abstract to pontificating about what an excellent announcer Denny Mathews is.

I could not agree more.

My father who lives in Kansas City, who hates the Royals because he is from the South Side of Chicago and is a White Sox fan, and listens to all manner of Major League Baseball on satellite radio and even he begrudgingly tells me that Denny is probably the best thing about the Royals, especially these days. He has often said that more he listens to other team's announcers the more he appreciates him.

I find your "criteria" pretty subjective and ridiculous, frankly, as far as Denny is concerned. I guess you want to listen to screaming Chris Berman types who have become sad parodies of themselves.

I find Denny to easily be in the class of Jack Buck, Vin Scully, Ernie Harwell and their ilk.

Things is, when Bud Blattner left the Royals radio team, I was upset because I though that Denny was deficient in some way. Boy, was I wrong about that. The stupidity of our youth, I guess.

I'll let what Bill James had to say about Denny in Baseball Abstract stand as my feelings as well.

You'll not find many people here that are gonna agree with you about Denny being a lousy broadcaster.

The comment about Denny not really being in the Hall, broadcasters being an annual award, etc., etc. is so ignorant, off base, and wrong that it barely deserves comment.

I'll just let the very short and complete list of broadcasters that are in the Hall speak for themselves.

Like they just inducted him for the hell of it or something. Are you nuts?

Harry Caray
Curt Gowdy
Mel Allen
Vin Scully
Red Barber
Jack Buck
Dave Niehaus
Harry Kalas
Ring Lardner
Jerry Coleman
Marty Brennaman
Ernie Harwell
By Saam
Bob Elson
Bob Wolff
Bob Murphy
Bob Prince
Bob Uecker
Russ Hodges
Herb Carneal
Jimmy Dudley
Jaime Jarrin
Felo Ramirez
Joe Garagiola
Milo Hamilton
Arch McDonald
Lindsey Nelson
Chuck Thompson
Jack Brickhouse
Lon Simmons
Tony Kubek
Gene Elston


Denny Matthews

Anonymous said...

Wouldn't YOU be bored if you had to sit through and comment on every Kansas City Royals baseball game of the last 15 years?

The man should get a medal for having suffered through the dreck known as Royals baseball for the last 15 years. Just for suffering through the Tony Luser years was enough!

kc_native said...

"I'll just let the very short and complete list of broadcasters that are in the Hall speak for themselves."

Dude, just because the man is in the HOF it doesn't compel us to all love his delivery. It's a matter of preference, and I'm sure you would find a sizable number of listeners that, like myself, don't like his style. And again, I grew up in the heyday of the Royals, so I've logged a ton of listening time in my day.

I'll take Fred White, Ryan Lafebvre (when he mans the radio booth), and even Bob Davis over Denny any day. Denny (and Steve Stewart for that matter) to me is a lot like the Royals right now, lifeless and boring.

Anonymous said...

Anon at 12:00 PM:

Tony "Luser" 317-431, .424
Tony Pena 198-285, .410
Buddy Bell 174-262, .399
Trey Hillman 151-207, .422


Anonymous said...

Royals fire Trey Hillman and replace him with Ned Yost. We need comments.

Bobster999 said...

Thank God. Yost is probably not the answer but Hillman sure the hell wasn't. Not even Hillman could ignore the atrocious managing of the last few days.

Bobster999 said...

Of course, I meant not even Moore could ignore the atrocious managing.

kcghost said...

Man, that vote of confidence didn't last long. Hopefully Yost is a little better with the x's and o's. Not much he can do about the suck team GMDM has assembled.

Anonymous said...


Mac said...

If Dayton were in trouble, the Royals wouldn't have made the extremely Daytonian move of hiring the Braves' former third base coach. Seriously, the man has a problem. I keep expecting to hear that you guys have hired Chief Noc-A-Homa.

Dave said...

Anybody that thinks Dayton made this move is crazy. Not even 48 hours after saying Hillman is doing a terrific job? Did you see the way he about lost it on the podium? Dayton can say what he wants about this being his decision but this move came from the Glass family. David Glass pulled the trigger on this move.....not Dayton Moore.

Nathan said...

Wow, I'm amazed to discover there's someone in the world who prefers Bob Davis' narration of Royals' games over Denny Matthews. I mean, yeah, it's at least partly subjective. But wow. Just, wow.

Anonymous said...

Ned Yost was terrible at managing the bullpen in Milwaukee. This should be interesting.

Tom said...

So Rany, who's on your list of who you would like to see as our next long term manager?

In no particular order, I like:

Bobby Valentine
Buck Showalter
Bob Brenly
Bob Melvin
Davey Johnson
Jose Oquendo
Chris Chambliss
Jeff Blauser
Terry Pendleton
Eric Wedge
Mike Hargrove

These are all guys who should at least get a phone call from Dayton in my opinion...

Karte said...


You criticized the Royals training staff, and BOOM! they are gone.

You say Hillman should be fired, and BOOM! he is gone.

Could you please criticize the Royals losing record? :-)

Anonymous said...

You have no idea what you are talking about. Get real, Trey Hillman is a great manager and will not be fired

Darrel said...

That would be interesting if they hired Chambliss. Anybody remember '76 and how he broke our hearts?

Kansas City said...

It is extraordinary that Moore said he was doing a terrific job on Monday and then fires him on Wednesday morning. I have not seen the video yet, but it sounds like Dave is right and Glass must have effectively pulled the trigger.

At to the new Royals manager, I would focus on someone who has some success with young players and connects well with the fans. Someone who does not take himself too seriously. The team stinks and managers don't make that much difference. I don't know who would fill these requirements. No one on Tom's list jumped out at me. But the Yost move for the rest of the year is a good one. It gives Moore time to find someone, and also provides the chance that Yost will shine and get the job on a permanent basis. A guy with a personality like Brett would be a good choice; I don't think it is yet time for Brett to come back as manager. Too bad Quiz is not still around.

On Matthews, we probably should let it rest, but it remains interesting to me that his big supporters here have been unable to find something positive about his actual announcing, only that he won the HOF annual award and some people like him.

Anonymous said...

I find it hard to listen to other teams play by play anymore because of the idiot announcers going apeshit over long foul balls and their cutsey little catchphrases.

Gil Meche said...

Ding Dong, the wicked witch is dead!

David Glass said...


Thank you for the advice regarding the training staff and field management of the Royals.

We have promoted Kila Kaaihue and will be promoting Disco Hayes next week, as soon as roster space has been cleared.

What should our next move be?

Your pal,
David Glass

gsmith601 said...

I think it was probably Hillman's time. I am always shocked though at the venom people spew at coaches and GM's. It's their lively hood. Do you think they fail on purpose? They want the team to succeed more than some of these so called "fans."

Anonymous said...

What are the odds that Yost will pull Dave Owen far, far away from the third-base coach's box?

Anonymous said...

Jason Anderson said Rany had an actual scouting report on Yuni and he was going to read it on air, did anyone catch it?

Sandpuppy said...

"What are the odds that Yost will pull Dave Owen far, far away from the third-base coach's box?"

Pretty good, actually - Yost just canned him.

Antonio. said...

I don't really have a stance on Denny one way or the other. I think he's probably overrated by Kansas Citians simply because people tend to overrate that which they're most intimate with. But as far as "He's in the Hall" being an argument in his favor? I'm sure there are plenty of people that numerous different people can mention that are in the Hall yet don't deserve to be. Rizzuto? Many of the 19th century players? A lot of the latter Negro League players? And given that an obvious KC choice isn't in, simply being in the Hall isn't enough to actually mark greatness.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...




Anonymous said...