Friday, June 24, 2011

Ballpark Event At The K.

For years Baseball Prospectus has conducted events at major-league ballparks around the country, giving fans a chance to come out and meet their favorite writers, hear from executives from their local team, and enjoy a great game of baseball all in one evening. However, until now, no event had ever been held at Kauffman Stadium.

That is about to change. For the first time ever, Baseball Prospectus is holding an event in Kansas City. On Saturday, July 9th, you can come out to the ballpark early and meet your favorite Baseball Prospectus writers, including minor-league expert Kevin Goldstein; Craig Brown (also of Royals Authority); Jeff Euston; and Joe Hamrahi. You can also meet me.

You'll hear from us, and you'll also hear from someone in the Royals front office who will talk about the organization and answer questions. You'll also get a ticket to that evening's game against the Tigers; we'll all sit out in right field in front of Rivals during the game and continue our conversations, while waiting to fight over a home run ball from Hosmer or Gordon.

The game is a 6:10 start, but the fun begins around 4 o'clock. The cost of the entire event, including your ticket to the game, is $30. And if you are a current or prospective subscriber to BP, you'll get half of that money back in a $15 rebate to a BP subscription.

I'd love to meet as many of you as possible that evening, so if you can make it, please sign up here. Please note that registration for the event ends on Monday, so please sign up as soon as possible.


tookee said...


I couldn't tell you how thrilled I was to see that there's finally an event at the K. But huge disappointment as well - I grew up in KC, was a fan during the Brett years, continue to be a fan of not only the team, but your blog as well -- and I will be in KC, but beginning on July 11. I will, sadly, miss your event. I would have been the first one to sign up to meet you and the BP crew. I admire what you do, even listened to your broadcasts online (I live in SoCal). I don't know when the stars will ever align again (my folks returned to KC a few years ago, so we'll be back again), but I wish you the best on July 9.



Kenneth said...


I went to the baseball prospectus website last night. Of course I waited until the last minute. I was unable to sign up for a user ID to purchase any of these tickets. I was looking to purchase 3 tickets. I sent an email to @ 1043 in the morning asking for help in purchasing these tickets and have recd no response so far. So now I am just S.O.L. ? Can I call the royals office to get these ? Is there a number I can call to contact BP to purchase these ? I was kind of looking forward to a nice Saturday. would appreciate any help you can provide.

SLU Bubba said...

Would have loved to go but have one of those pesky weddings things that day! Seriously though, your blog and radio show along with the BP Podcast done by Kevin Goldstein and Jason Parks are honestly the main staples in my baseball diet. Love BP and all the work you do for this blog and wish I could be there! Hope to hear more promotion for the event on 810 or even 610 soon so all the other baseball nerds and Royals fanatics can get out there!

kcghost said...

I bought four tickets for this. Really looking forward to it.

Kenneth said...

don't know if you /poked someone at BP or not but I got an e-mail from them and I got my three tickets and I am signed up to go. Was a little worried since you said event tickets closed yesterday. I am looking forward to this event. Also the two people who I plan on bringing know quite a bit about baseball so I will enjoy listening to the conversations.

Nathan W said...

Any plans to have another outing at the Cell for the Royals games next week? Or when they return in August?

Rany said...

Kenneth, glad we got things squared away for you.

Nathan, not this time around - mid-week games are a bear for me to make - but hopefully either in August or September, I'll set up a get-together, either here or on Twitter.

Radiobobks said...

I'm really looking forward to this, and to meeting you, Rany.