Thursday, April 30, 2009

Your (Hopefully) Regular Zack Stat Pack.

I don’t know how often I’ll do one of these, but hey, as long as Zack keeps setting records, I feel obligated to report on them. So while we wait to see if the Royals can pull off a winning April, enjoy these stat nuggets. Some of these you know, some of them you probably don’t.

- Zack Greinke is the first pitcher in Royals history to go 5-0 in April.

- Greinke is the third pitcher in Royals history to win his first five starts of the season. Bret Saberhagen holds the record, with six consecutive wins to start his 1987 campaign. (He threw 51 innings in those six starts, which goes a long way towards explaining why he went 15-3, 2.47 before the Break – and 3-7, 4.61 afterwards.) The only other Royal to be 5-0 after five starts is Al Fitzmorris, in 1973*.

*: Okay, I have to report this: Fitzmorris didn’t make his season debut in 1973 until July 15th, going six solid innings, allowing three runs, walking one batter – but not striking anyone out. He didn’t make his second start until 12 days later, and threw a complete game shutout – and again, didn’t strike anyone out. In his next three starts, his lines were: 7 7 2 2 2 1, 6 4 1 1 1 1, and 9 7 1 1 1 0.

Add it all up, and Fitzmorris was 5-0 with a 1.70 ERA, having allowed just 32 hits and eight walks in 37 innings – with TWO STRIKEOUTS. That might be, in its own way, the most amazing stretch of pitching in the history of the world. His BABIP in that stretch, for the record, was .225. And you all thought Brian Bannister was lucky.

- Going back to last season, Greinke has actually won eight starts in a row. This ties a franchise record previously accomplished by three pitchers: David Cone in his Cy Young season of 1994, Bret Saberhagen in his Cy Young season of 1989…and Rich Gale in his decidedly un-Cy Young season of 1980.

(I should point out that Saberhagen won eight straight starts from July 26th to August 31st that year…and then won six straight starts from September 9th to September 30th. Saberhagen won 14 games in 15 starts – not 15 decisions, 15 starts – with a 1.52 ERA over that span. I don’t know if Greinke is pitching better than anyone in a Royals uniform ever has – but at least I know who set the bar he’s trying to clear.)

- Greinke still has a way to go to match the longest winning streak in Royals history; Rich Gale won 11 in a row in 1980, and Paul Splittorff won 11 in a row between 1977-78. Kevin Appier won nine in a row in 1992.

- Greinke has now struck out at least 7 batters in five consecutive starts. That doesn’t sound like much, but it matches the longest streak in Royals history, set by Appier in 1996. (There have been five streaks of four starts in a row with 7 or more strikeouts: three by Appier, and one by Tom Gordon.)

- I’m not going to go through all the various ways to describe Greinke’s scoreless innings streak. But I thought this was a fun way to put things in perspective. Greinke went six consecutive starts without surrendering an earned run. Since 1997, only three other pitchers (Paul Byrd, Gil Meche, and – of all people – Brandon Duckworth) have gone more than six consecutive starts without surrendering a home run.

Finally, you know how I was writing that we may have been a little harsh on Trey Hillman? Here’s more proof – just look at his competition. Wow. This would be the equivalent of Hillman pinch-hitting for Mike Aviles with Tony Pena, only if Pena had already changed into street clothes and they had to hold up the game for five minutes while he got dressed.


Curtis said...

If only Coco had an arm, the scoreless streak would be alive. Consider ...

1. Coco couldn't throw from medium depth center to third base which set up Aviles' relay to plunk Laird allowing the first run.

2. Scutaro hit a routine single into right center but turned it into a double on Crisp, setting up Wells' hit to drive him in.

3. Scutaro again goes first to third on a bloop single ahead of a double play ball and a routine out.

Of course, no one knows what would have happened, and he has been a good player in many, many respects, especially with his selectiveness.

But still, my gosh does he have a terrible arm.

Anonymous said...

That Mets story is awesome. It just goes to show that when you hire people because of "leadership ability" there's absolutely no depth of stupidity they won't plumb in order to prove their job security is completely insulated from the idiocy of their strategic decisions.

It really is just a beautiful example of how much people hate rationality at a gut level. It's kind of like believing that the voice speaking to you out of the burning bush is god . . . er, wait. Perhaps Sabermetricians should realize criticizing blanket (and blatant) irrationality in baseball is akin to making fun of others religions. But it's hard to take the hypocrisy of being a sabermetrician and being a Christian or Muslim. Or being a liberal and loving the math of Darwinism but irrationality disbelieving the math of free markets.

Lets face it. It's not rationality we love, it's rationality about things where we don't have preconceived (and cherished) notions of irrationality embedded. It's amazing how rationality can be such a virtue in one sphere and faith such a virtue in another. When managers use their "gut" it's no less an act of faith (nor less meaningful an act of faith) than expressing belief in a deity.

It's inherently dishonest to rail against (and enjoy railing against) gut decisions in baseball while being relatively immune from perfectly analogous criticisms about your own politically correct beliefs. (I'm not claiming people are immune from hate speech. Hate speech is equally irrational and not analogous.)

Anyway. Rock on.

Unknown said...

Someone explain to me why we didn't trade Ron Mahay before the deadline and before his injury last year? Anyone? Bueller? Bueller?

Mahay isn't as bad as he looks right now, but we clearly had a fantastic "sell high" opportunity last year and missed it.

Jeff said...

To Curtis-

I'm just going to accept the first to third all season from Coco. The arm is worse than I could have imagined, I seriously think I have a better arm (and while i'm in my mid twenties, it's not like i'm in MLB shape, so that's ridiculous).

HOWEVER... he's doing everything else better than I possibly expected. Hitting the gaps, drawing a ridiculous amount of walks for a Royal, bringing some energy, and on top of that, he has a REALLY good range in the outfield. In fact, I'm pretty sure one of those long fly balls he ran down this year (i'm thinking against Texas) was with Grienke on the hill, so the streak could have ended way back then.

Accept what we know is a weakness, and hopefully he continues to outperform in all the other categories. I'll take that tradeoff.

EddieK said...

Question: Can anyone explain why DeJesus came into yesterday's game for Crisp? Rather than Bloomquist? DeJesus, he of the sore back?

BornBredBlue said...

So, Anonymous above, let me understand your commentary.

On one hand, a person can condemn someone in baseball for the gut/irrational decisions that fly in the face against statistically-based or common sense (read: rational) decisions. And they feel they can do so because they have no preconceived (or cherished) notions of the game.

On the other hand, that same person can believe in their faith (likened by you as a gut/irrational response) and is considered acceptable due to their preconceived (or cherished) notions of their religion.

And somehow, because of the perceived dichotomy of these two scenarios, that makes this person a hypocrit?

I think I'm following your logic there. Please correct me if I'm wrong. But if that's the gist, I simply don't agree. I don't want to get to deep and philosophical about it, but pinch hitting with a career minor leaguer in a bases loaded, two out, bottom of the ninth, down 1, situation when that minor leaguer is the bullpen catcher compared to believing in an all-powerful deity are not the same thing.

Stupidity and faith are not the same thing.

And somehow

Steve said...

Another topic: Buck should be the regular catcher until about July 1st, when all of us know he will be in the process of burning out, then Olivo should take over. Buck of course will hit about .098 in the second half.

BornBredBlue said...

Good call, Steve. I know Buck is not the permanent solution, but at least go with the hot bat 70-80% of the time until he proves otherwise.

Anonymous said...

On a different topic, what is going to happen when Gordon comes back? It's hard to imagine moving Teahen back to second base if Callaspo is still hitting the way he has been. It seems like a case of musical chairs and someone will be left standing with no place to sit.

rey rey said...

Rany, you must post on us having a winning April.

Matt Berger said...

I think its time we send Allard Baird our thanks for drafting Zack...I was looking at other players taken after Zack and some aren't bad but who would you rather have, Prince Fielder, Joe Saunders, Jeremy Hermida, Scott Kazmir, Nick Swisher or Zack Greinke? I know Zack's on top of the world right now and this might not be a fair time to judge but at least we didn't pick Scott Moore or Drew Myers who? yeah I know players taken in the top ten not named Zack Greinke.

Unknown said...

Rany, I have read every one of your posts on this blog since it began and I don't think I've disagreed with you once until seeing this incessant need to apologize to Hillman. First off, two wrongs don't make a right so mentioning the Mets' manager doesn't make Hillman right or even less wrong.

Obviously, we were all wrong in our criticism of this one case but we had every reason to make that criticism based on what he had done to that point. I'm not even including his fetish with the early game sac bunt which I hate or his refusal to pitch Soria outside of the 9th inning even when he is healthy. I'm talking about those things that don't even follow the same outdated book every manager uses or have even the smallest bit of common sense.

He has done plenty of these other things that don't fall under the category of by the book this year that don't make any sense. Pitching his best relievers earliest in the game and in mop up duty and pitching his worst relievers in game breaking situations.

Now, even I will recognize that he has improved as of late and even used Cruz to close today's game. He's got streak of 5 straight games without pissing me off if I don't include the by the book things like asking a .344 hitter to sac bunt in the 4th inning of a game we had already scored 7 runs and were comfortably ahead in.

The criticism of yours and every other fan may have been wrong but we didn't create it out of the blue. His previous decisions gave us every reason to believe he was doing something stupid because he had done that very same thing in other games. We were basing it on past experiences and that made it likely that he was just doing something that made no sense again. If we make a mistake due to lack of information on one thing then so be it. We didn't force it on him, he asked for it. I think most of us know that you wouldn't criticize him unfairly unless you had a damn good reason to do so.

Anonymous said...

My wife and I have decided that Coco should just run every ball in from the outfield instead of trying to throw it...

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

It'd probably get there faster!

Anonymous said...

Anyone know the date we have to wait for tell the Royals collect another year of major league service time with Hochever? I’m not sure that I can handle another Sid start

Unknown said...

Anyone have good information on Blaine Hardy pitching in Burlington right now? He's 22, left-handed, and has 25 Ks and 0 BBs in 18 IP so far this year, all of which makes him intriguing. I'm not an expert on the Royals minor leaguers, so I was wondering if this kid is a prospect or just an early season fluke.

25 Ks with 0 BBs is impressive to me no matter the circumstances.

Anonymous said...

Its time to see Luke back in the bigs. Time to let Ponson go.

Shelby said...

Royals are down by one, 6-5 God if I don't think they're actually going to score a run before the 9th..

Anonymous said...

Zach's great--- but, let's talk about Alberto Callaspo - .392 BA and 900+ OPS. Probably should be in the two hole.

Nathan said...

Look, I know this post isn't about tonight's game, but how the heck does Hillman not pinch hit for Tony Pena with 2 on and 2 out in the 10th, a RHP on the mound, and both Teahen and Jacobs on the bench? Even Ryan Lefebere is wondering.

Anonymous said...

My thoughts exactly.

Shelby said...

I just saw Tony Pena, Jr. hurt his hand in the middle of an at bat, swing with one hand, etc.

And I actually thought "this isn't good..."

Is it because his defense is THAT important to this team? Is his defensive/offensive ratio that convincing?

Is it bad if Tony Pena, Jr. gets injured?

If that's the case, this team has problems.

Calif. Fan said...

Have to comment re Saturday's game. I know it's a long season. But this is the kind of game that the Royals of the last fifteen years just don't win. Maybe we've turned the corner, three run gifts notwithstanding.

Nathan said...

Well, the three run gift was the kind that the Royals haven't always accepted in the past. This involved taking walks and not running into outs, and that shows some maturity. Baby steps, but steps indeed. It was frustrating to see Bloomquist squaring to bunt when the pitcher clearly couldn't throw strikes, but at least he pulled back when the ball was out of the zone.

Dave said...

I'll tell you what....there are certain games within a 162 game season that define a season. Some you look back on and some you can just sense. Tonight was one of those games. The Royals of the past find a way to lose that game. This year Royals.......this is one night where you look back and say....this game....this team is different. We've turned the corner....I believe that.

Curtis said...

I also think we have to give kudos to our manager for bringing in Soria in the tenth for those two outs. It is a huge relief that the offense did its thing in the top of the eleventh to make it pay off, so that Hillman got positive reinforcement for this decision.

Since we now know that when Coco does try to throw hard, it ends up in the opposing manager's hands, I am thinking the running it in option makes more and more sense.

But he does have great range. There have been at least a dozen balls hit this year when I thought "uh oh" as it left the bat and he made into relatively routine plays, not to mention some spectacular ones as well.

But the main thing is that I agree with the prevailing opinion that this is the kind of game we almost always lost in the past, especially to Minnesota, so it is a huge mental thing to get this win.

Now we need Gil to be feeling strong and win this series.

Unknown said...

While I have been quite critical of Hillman this year and for good reason, I will say that he has improved significantly this last week and tonight may have been the best managed game he has had since he's been here. He was pulling out pitchers at just the right time and he actually let Soria go 5 outs which I didn't see happening for quite a while and especially not tonight, his first appearance since the sore shoulder.

It still bothers me that it took him as long as it did to figure out that Farnsworthless is exactly who he is, but he has improved a great deal of late.

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