Friday, June 27, 2008

I'm Not Trying to Jinx Them. Honestly.

So the Royals won their sixth straight game tonight, the first time they've done that since they started the 2003 season 9-0. (By the way, this is ridiculous. The Royals went over five years without so much as a six-game winning streak? Is that a record? If I find out, I'll let you know.)

The Royals lost their tenth game in 2003, but then won their next two to start 11-1. This is relevant, because as of tonight the Royals have matched that streak by winning 11 of their last 12 games.

If they win tomorrow, they will have won 12 of 13 games, a stretch not seen in Kansas City since the 1994 Royals won 14 straight just before the strike.

Tomorrow's game is no gimmie by any means, not with Kyle Davies on the mound. On the other hand, Mark Mulder starts for the Cards, and he hasn't pitched in the majors since last September; he hasn't won a game in over two years.

If they do win, give it up for Trey Hillman, who will have accomplished something that Buddy Bell, Tony Pena, Tony Muser, and Bob Boone never did.

(And as much as I love beating up on inferior competition, can we get back to playing real major league teams soon? Over the last week and a half the Royals have lost ground on the Twins, who have won 10 straight. The Royals won today - but so did every other team in the AL Central.)


Anonymous said...

Hey Rany, where are you seeing Mulder as tomorrow's starter? AP says he's going to the bullpen and Boggs is starting tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

We don't need to downplay every Royals achievement. They have been beating real major league teams, including the D-Backs and the Cardinals which arent' exactly worthless bottom feeders like the Mariners. The Royals have been dominating major league teams for the past couple weeks, period. Let's give them credit where credit is due.

Anonymous said...

Jimmy, ESPN says Mulder.

Anonymous said...

... and not just winning, but winning handily. Remember the time long ago (week and a half) when every game was another damn ulcer? The last four have been breezes, early leads never turned over. Breeezes! God how I love a yawner from time to time.

Anonymous said...

I flipped back and forth between the STL and KC tv broadcasts/pregame/postgame and verything on the broadcast tonight said that it's Boggs tomorrow. Mulder was in the bullpen for tonight's game, but they didn't use him. He's taking the place of Flores, who is on the DL. Mulder doesn't have enough stamina built up to be a starter according to all of the STL telecast.

Anonymous said...

I friend of mine mentioned that Soria = Mexican Abe Lincoln. Ha! So true!

Anonymous said...

Its clear the ROYALS believe they can beat NL teams. Do they now have the confidence and belief to keep this up against the AL?

Anonymous said...

According to the Cardinals' broadcast both during the game, and their postgame report, it is Mitchell Boggs going tomorrow, Mulder is in the bullpen.

KB said...

Given our recent run, I really don't want the interleague to end, but I am also incredibly curious as to how we will do playing AL teams. Has this two week period been a time of real maturing as a team? Or has it been a nice diversionary vacation?

Nathan Hall said...

Until tonight I never took seriously the comparison between Gordon and George Brett. But the way he hooked that double into the right field corner in the 2nd made me wonder if I had been beamed back in time about 20 years. That was a beautiful swing, hanging breaking ball or no.

Dan Holden said...

Should Soria be called The Emancipator?

Unknown said...

I suspect that AG was one of the babies that Guillen was talking about. Maybe he took it as a challenge---I've seen more discipline and fire out of him at the plate of late. DeJesus is killer with runners in scoring position.

Unknown said...

It is Boggs today. During this NL run, the only thing I can think about is what will happen when we are back to playing the AL teams. I look at the NL as the USFL to the NFL. The USFL had some bona fide NFL talent in their league but couldn't realistically be considered the NFL. Unfortunately, the only thing I can think of is us going right back to our normal ways of losing once we start playing some real teams. I think there are only 3 teams with losing records against the NL and just to our luck, two of the other three teams that have comparable records to us during interleague play are in our division.

Anonymous said...

It's obvious that Butler was the big baby Guillen was referring to. He was texting and laughing with his friends via cell phone after a loss. If he doesn't play another game in Kansas City, I won't care. We need some guys who actually care.

Anonymous said...

I agree, Paul. I'm tired of losing with character for 18 years. If Jose Guillen is a cancer in the clubhouse but we keep winning, fine with me. At this point, beggers can't be choosers, in my opinion. Bring in Bonds, bring in Ponson (oops, too late)...hell, bring in Yorvit Torrealba (sp?) just for the venom between him and Ramirez. The whole lot of them can beat each other up every night, so long as they keep winning.

Before someone makes an asinine response because they took me completely seriously, please note: I'm only kidding. Well, maybe I'm HALF-serious. = )

Unknown said...

Guillen's rants would mean a lot more if it had come from somebody that didn't show up to training camp 20 lbs overweight after signing a new deal and then stink up the joint for the whole first month of the season.

Don't get me wrong--I want guys that care about winning. But based on some comments from other players (like Mark Teahen on the radio on Wednesday), I don't think Guillen has the respect of many guys in the clubhouse.

Aaron said...

I think Paul would be better off as Yankees fan.

Anonymous said...

Well, you did jinx them Rany! And what did Teahan say on the radio about Guillen? (I, sadly, don't live in KC anymore.)

Nathan said...

Weird. You were writing happy posts and no problems. But the second the word "jinx" pops out...

That's a BAD Rany!

I guess they'll just have to win tomorrow.

Unknown said...

Now we want to get rid of Butler? Damn you guys are good. All I need to hear is that we need to get rid of Soria, Greinke, and Gordon and I will have heard it all. Those are the only three left on this team that haven't been called out to be traded yet. Hell, it only took our second loss in 13 games to have someone call for Butler's head and he hasn't even been with the team for the past few weeks.

Anonymous said...

Isaac, the time stamp suggests that the post was written before the Royals lost Saturday.

Anonymous said...

I don't care if Jose Guillen comes out to the plate looking like Mark Mangino's Bigger Latino twin brother every year for the home opener, as long as he's on pace for 120+ RBI, 25HR, 55+ 2B, and an OPS around .800 with about 20 game-winning RBI on July 1st and keeps that production up for the second half of the season.

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