Friday, March 28, 2008

Three days away.

I had hoped to complete the Top 23 Reasons Why I'm Excited To Be A Royals Fan (And Why You Should Be Too!) before Opening Day, but it's possible I may not complete the whole list until before game #2 on Wednesday. My annual "We're Going All the Way This Year!" column takes precedence.

The tradition started last year, when over at Baseball Prospectus we unveiled a series of "Hope and Faith" columns, in which we made the point that every team in the majors has some of Bud Selig's infamous Hope and Faith, by constructing a scenario in which each team could, in fact, win the World Series. Some of these scenarios were more implausible than others, obviously, but none of them were impossible. I'm sure the Rockies ranked awfully high on the implausibility list, and they nearly won it all.

I got the Royals assignment, or rather I demanded the Royals assignment. I'm not sure I've ever enjoyed writing a column more. You can read it here - the column is one of our free ones, fortunately. Be sure to click on the podcast link at the end; by the time I finished the column I had completely convinced myself that the Royals were going to win it all, so I didn't have to summon much of my high school acting chops for that piece.

Anyway, I hope that whets your appetite for Monday, and for this season's preview, which I hope to post here Monday morning.


Anonymous said...

Enjoyed re-reading that column from last year, look forward to seeing what you come up for this season. And fortunately, with the improvements we've made and the expected maturation of Gordon, Butler, Zack-Attack and co., this year's "Royals Will Win It All!!!" column won't have to be quite as far-fetched.

Anonymous said...

that was last year's hope and faith article.
remember, the one with the dotel bobble-head and the Sweeney Shuffle?
read it last year, looking forward to this year's effort....

Anonymous said...

You were pretty dead-on with your Meche predictions in the article. The only thing you missed was his strikeouts and record. And if last year's team had any offense, the record could have been dead-on, too.

Anonymous said...

i remember forwarding the audio to several buddies before opening day last year. great stuff.

Kathy said...

"Put me down! Put me down!"